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The following tasks guide you through the various actions that you can perform to control the display of information in the SLO Tree.

To control the display on the tree, you can perform the following tasks:

  • To change the focus point on the tree, drag any point on the tree.
  • To focus on the SLO, right-click the SLO icon and choose Set As Root to set the selected SLO as root.
    Only the selected SLO and its child nodes are displayed.
  • To display or hide the legend, click Show Legend or Hide Legend.
  • To filter SLOs by maximum violation duration, select the time from the Time list.
    The SLO tree is refreshed to display only those SLOs for which violations occurred within the selected time duration.
  • To promote the page as an independent tab, click Promote as Tab, specify a name for the new tab, and then click Apply.

Before you right-click to view the options for a particular node, select the node.

If you do not select the node, the tools menu is displayed for the node which was previously selected.

To change the data refresh interval

Data refresh interval (in seconds) for the SLO Tree can be specified using the pronet.applet.slatree.refreshRate property in the installationDirectory/usr/pw/custom/conf/pronet.conf file.