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Infrastructure monitoring administration workflow diagram

The following flow chart provides a basic flow of tasks that are required to set up data collection and monitoring of your infrastructure.

Click a link in the flow chart to see how to perform the task.


Permissions to configure the infrastructure monitoring administration



Mandatory permissions

Allow access to infrastructure monitoring administration

To view the Infrastructure Management configuration menu options on the TrueSight console

Allow infrastructure monitoring administration related web service APIs

To access the web service APIs for the configuration options
Specific permissions

Allow infrastructure monitoring policy management

To work with monitoring policies

Allow infrastructure blackout policy management

To work with blackout policies

Allow infrastructure staging policy management

To work with staging policies

Allow Infrastructure Management PATROL repository management

To manage repository

Allow Integration Service administration

To work with Integration Services and their clusters
Allow Setting of Global ThresholdsTo manage global thresholds

For more information about adding or removing permissions, see Editing roles .