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The Watch List screen displays SLO records and computed delta values, which is the difference between the compliance objective and its value for the time unit. You can sort by any column. For example, you can sort the compliance percent value for the Month To Date column from worst to best. If the same SLO is displayed in two or more multi-tier SLOs, only one of them is displayed. This screen also provides filters to view specific records.

The following table summarizes the columns that are displayed on the Watch List screen:
Columns of information on the Watch List screen




Name assigned to the SLO. Link on the name listing directs to the Watch list page specific to that individual SLO


SLO type associated with the SLO. The SLO type is a grouping of related attributes across Monitor Types. Default SLO types are Availability and Performance.


This column provides a link to the SLO Details page, which provides complete information about the individual SLO, and a graphic representation of the compliance levels across different periods (depending on data collected to date).
For more information, see Viewing a graphical history of SLO compliance and violations.

Compliance Objective

The compliance value associated with the SLO. The system compares the actual compliance value against this objective.

Month to Date

SLO compliance for the current month. The compliance computation does not consider the current date.


The difference between the compliance value and objective for the specified time period. The compliance computation does not consider the current date.

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