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If you integrate Infrastructure Management with Atrium CMDB, either during installation of the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server or postinstallation, you can enable a cross-launch from the operator console to the Atrium Service Context application. Atrium Service Context is installed as an adapter with the Atrium Core installation.

Atrium Service Context collects attributes defined for services from various BMC applications, including Infrastructure Management, and displays them in a Summary window that can be accessed from the BMC applications that provide the attributes. Service Context provides detailed information that describes a service and presents the data in a consistent format across all BMC applications. The Summary window displays the core attributes defined for a service by the BMC applications and displays the number of records associated with each attribute. Infrastructure Management is primarily a provider of data for Service Context. However, you can view the Service Context data from Infrastructure Management by using the cross-launch from the Operations Console to the Service Context application.
Infrastructure Management administrators and operations can use the information displayed in Service Context in the following ways:

  • Analyze the cause of an event 
  • Prioritize events based on service impact or SLA breaches 
  • Determine the most effective time for implementing remediation actions or performing routine tasks (for example, adding a monitor to a device that has been assigned to a service) without causing an interruption to the service 
  • Determine the service owner so that any issues related to the service can be communicated directly to that person

For information about hardware and software pre-requisites for the integration, see the system requirements listed in the System requirements and product compatibility online technical documentation. For details about Atrium Service Context, see Viewing CI status in context of installed applications in the Atrium Core online technical documentation.
For details about using the cross-launch in the operator console, see Launching the BMC Atrium Service Context application from the operator console.