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Cloud topology information is retrieved from BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management through cloud constructs and relationships to support cloud related features in Infrastructure Management.

Functional architecture

The cloud topology-related integration with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is effected through the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management adapter component on the Central Server. This adapter interacts with the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Platform Manager using REST-based web services to retrieve the cloud topology information and also any changes to this information as and when BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management introduces new infrastructure or provisions new entities. The cloud topology information that is retrieved includes:

  • Cloud constructs such as pods, network containers, and compute pools
  • Infrastructure elements comprising the cloud constructs as virtual machines (VMs), virtual clusters, virtual datastore, virtual resource pool, ESX host systems, and so on
  • Associated tenants and all of the inter-relationships

In the following diagram, the Central Server also includes the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management adapter component. The REST based interactions between Infrastructure Management and BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management include invocation of the Infrastructure Management REST based APIs by BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. As per the prior integration, these APIs retrieve performance metrics. New invocations of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management REST based APIs by Infrastructure Management help retrieve information related to cloud topology as required by the cloud features.