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You can use the administrator console to add child groups to the groups that you create.

To add a new child group to the selected group

  1. From the administrator console, expand the Group folder, right-click a group, and select Add Child Group.
  2. In the Add Child Group dialog box, complete the following options:
    • Group Name—Specify a name (maximum length of 60 characters; no spaces) for the new group. 
    • Tag—Specify a tag value that you can use to search or group objects. To specify a tag: 
      1. Click the + button to select a default tag class.

        The Enter Tag Details dialog box is displayed. 
      2. Select Tag Class from the list and enter a tag value

        You can enter multiple name-value pairs, text, or include both (name-value pair and text). You cannot enter special characters such as &"/<>' in the tag field. 
      3. Click Add to append tag class and value. 
      4. Click Finish.


        The tag you specify is not considered as a default class.  

        You also can use the Enter Tag Details dialog box to edit or delete a tag value.

    • Group Description—Specify a meaningful description for the group. This description is displayed in the group matrix screen when you move your cursor over the group name. 
    • Group made by selecting Managed Objects and grouping existing groups—Select this option to create a new group.
  3. Click Next.

    The Monitored Resources/Group Members window is displayed.
  4. Select the Monitored Resource in the left panel, and click Add to move it to the right panel. Alternatively, use the Search for Devices field to search and select the device. You can add multiple Monitored Resources to a group, and if required, create a group of aggregate monitors.

    You can click Remove to remove objects from the right panel.
  5. Click Next.

    The Add Group dialog box is displayed.
  6. Click Add.
    The Group Chooser window is displayed.
  7. Use one of the following options to select the parent group or groups that you want to add the child group to:
    • Select Parent Group to add the child group to an existing parent group(s). 
    • Select Add New to create a new parent group.
    • After adding the child group to the partent group(s), click the appropriate action button.
  8. Click Finish to add the group to the administrator console.

    The newly added child group is now available under the Group folder.

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