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Complete this procedure to log in to BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server as:

  • Superuser (root): Privileged user with unrestricted access to all files and commands. Superusers can run all CLI commands.
  • Non-root user: Restricted user with restricted access to all files and commands. Non-root users can run only a limited set of CLI commands based on their level of access.
    If you have already logged in as a user at BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server, start the following procedure at step 4.

To display the command-line interface

  1. At the BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server computer, obtain the login Welcome screen.


  2. With the cursor blinking in the user name text box, log on as a superuser or Normal user by entering the username root (case-sensitive).


  3. Click OK. The password entry screen is displayed.


  4. Enter your superuser password (case-sensitive).


  5. Click OK. The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is displayed.



    The message box "log in incorrect..." indicates an incorrect root password. Click OK in the message box, obtain the correct password, and then try again.

  6. Move your cursor in the desktop area above the CDE, right-click, and navigate to Programs > Terminal or Tools > Terminal. A Terminal screen is displayed with the system name plus the # sign prompt. This is where you enter Infrastructure Management status and management commands.


    If the prompt does not include the pound sign (#), you are not logged in as a superuser. If this is the case, log out, return to Step 1, and try again.