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TrueSight Infrastructure Management version 10.7.00 offers the following key features and enhancements:

Installation and upgrade


Updated operating systems for Infrastructure Management components

The Infrastructure Management Server now supports the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 (64-bit)
  • Oracle Linux Server 6.8 and 7.3 (64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 2016 - Standard Edition and Datacenter Edition (64-bit)
For information about all supported operating systems, see TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server system requirements.


Upgrading PATROL Agent using the TrueSight console

This release of TrueSight Infrastructure Management enables you to upgrade PATROL Agents to the latest version using the Deploy and Install packages functionality in the TrueSight console.

For more information, see Upgrading PATROL Agents using the TrueSight console.


PATROL Knowledge Module deployment

Force deploy monitoring solutions for repair

You can now overwrite an existing installed solution with the same version from a deployable package without uninstalling the solution. This is useful if you feel that the installed KM file is corrupted. For more information, see Deploying packages to PATROL Agents using the TrueSight console.

Deploy monitoring solutions to multiple PATROL Agent instances

You can now deploy monitoring solutions to multiple PATROL Agent instances that are running on the same host. For more information, see Deploying packages to PATROL Agents using the TrueSight console.

Installation directory optional

 If you do not know the correct installation directory while creating a deployable package, you can leave the field for specifying the installation directory blank. The correct directory is automatically selected through the BMC_BASE variable. The BMC_BASE variable also automatically selects the correct directory if you enter an incorrect installation directory.



High-availability deployment

High-availability deployment of TrueSight Infrastructure Management

You can now install and configure a high-availability environment for Infrastructure Management to minimize downtime and eliminate a single point of failure. Your network administrator can configure Infrastructure Management for high-availability after installation so that the system automatically switches to a standby node if the active node fails or is temporarily shut down.

For more information, see Infrastructure Management Server high-availability architecture.


Security enhancements

Enhanced PATROL Agent data security

You can now enhance the PATROL Agent data security by encrypting it with keys exchanged through the key exchange process between the TrueSight Presentation Server and the PATROL Agent. The PATROL Agent data that can be secured through this exchanged key encryption are:

  • Infrastructure Management policy data credentials and the PATROL Agent query command credentials that are sent to the PATROL Agent.
  • Policy data credentials stored in the policy store of the TrueSight Presentation Server.

By default, during the TrueSight Presentation Server installation, a unique key is generated that is used to encrypt the PATROL Agent data. This key is shared with the PATROL Agent. Post the TrueSight Presentation Server installation; you can change this key using the Presentation Server tssh command.


For more information, see  Enhancing the PATROL Agent data security in TrueSight Operations Management



iBRSD support discontinued

Configuration support for Integration for BMC Remedy Service Desk (iBRSD) is discontinued. You can use BMC Service Resolution (BSR) for  integration with Remedy Service Desk. For more information, see Configuring the integration with BMC Service Resolution.

Data visualization using groups

Create rule-based groups with multiple conditions

InTrueSight Infrastructure Management, you can now create advanced rule-based groups to monitor resources in an organized manner. You can add one or more rules, and set multiple conditions to select devices or monitors.

For more information, see Creating, editing, and deleting rule-based groups.


Add automatically synchronized groups as child groups

The TrueSight console provides an option to add an automatically synchronized group as a child group of a manual group that is created. You can select a child group from a list of manual and automatically synchronized groups. The automatically synchronized group names are displayed along with their associated Infrastructure Management server names enclosed in the parentheses.

For more information, see Creating, editing, and deleting static groups or Creating, editing, and deleting rule-based groups.


New filters in Groups and total monitors in Group Details views

  • The Groups page now includes Manual and Synchronized filters. The existing Default group filter is replaced by these two new filters. For more information, see Monitoring groups from the TrueSight console.
  • The Groups page now includes the Show Group Type Filter option, which is supported from both the Tile and Table views. You access this new option from the icon on the Groups page.  For more information, see Customizing the Groups page.
  • The Group Details page now includes a new Total Monitors count field, which displays the total number of unique monitors associated with a group and its subgroups. For more information, see Viewing group details.

License Usage report with High Count

Now the license usage report displays information about the number of licenses used for each monitoring solution managed under Infrastructure Management with a high count and the date on which the high count was calculated. The report can be viewed and generated for a single component at a time.

This view and report can be used by those who want to know the license count under each category of the managed components. The report is available on the TrueSight console under  Administration > License Usage menu. You can generate the license usage report in a PDF and CSV formats.

License Usage is available under TrueSight console only when you have both the TrueSight Presentation Server and TrueSight Infrastructure Server versions at 10.7 or later. For more information, see Viewing and exporting the license usage report for TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server.

User Preferences

To view the full path for monitor instances, you can now enable Show absolute path for the Monitor Instances from the User Preferences section. You can now view the full path under the following pages when you enable this option:

For more information on enabling, see Setting user preferences.

Usability enhancements

New Agent filter functionality

You can now filter PATROL Agents based on a specific monitoring solution and version. You can perform actions such as installing and deploying packages or modifying policy management settings on the filtered list of Agents. For more information, see Filtering PATROL Agents.

Instance-level filter for the PATROL Agent data

You can now configure an instance-level filter while adding monitor types in a monitoring policy. When you add an instance-level filter to a monitoring policy, you can choose to filter out the data, or events, or both.

Based on the type of configured filters, PATROL Agents send the collected data and the generated events to the Infrastructure Management server. For more information, see  Configure filters to include or exclude data and events

New dynamic event groups filter type

You can use a new advanced filter type called dynamic event groups to combine events based on certain criteria or conditions. Dynamic event groups are set of events that are created dynamically based on event slot that you specify. For more information, see Creating dynamic event groups.


Option to manage event groups

You can now manage the event groups and dynamic event groups using the TrueSight console. You can create, modify, view, and delete the event groups using the Manage Event Groups page. For more information, see Managing event groups from the TrueSight console.

Out-of-the-box event groups

Several out-of-the-box event groups are now included with the TrueSight console that enables you to process events quickly. For more information, see Out-of-the-box event groups.

Export monitoring solutions for PATROL Agents

You can now export downloadable reports that contain details about the PATROL Agents and Monitoring Solutions. For more information, see Managing Infrastructure Management devices from the TrueSight console.


Option to manage event table views

Instead of editing the out-of-the-box event table views, you can now create and edit the global or user-defined event table views. For more information, see Accessing the event table views from the TrueSight console.

New toolbar for event operations

Along with event actions menu, you can now use the event toolbar to perform the event operations such as manage event ownership, set event priority, export event details, and so on. For more information, see Performing event operations in the TrueSight console.



Supportability improvements

Easier troubleshooting of startup problems due to port conflicts

When you start or restart the Infrastructure Management server or remote Integration Service, the configured ports are checked to verify that they are available. In the case of conflicts, the Infrastructure Management server or remote Integration Service start-up process is aborted. For more information, see Troubleshooting startup problems due to port conflicts.

TrueOps (Mobile app)

The TrueOps 10.7 mobile app is now available on both iOS and Android platforms with the following key functions:

  • Set the default view
  • Receive notifications when your preferred services are impacted
  • Check the health of your preferred services
  • Act on the impacted events by referring to the actionable information in the details section


TrueOps for Android

TrueOps 10.7 is now supported on selected Android platforms. The application administrators and users can perform all the key functions on the supported Android platforms for both applications and services.

TrueOps for iOS

TrueOps 10.7 for iOS has been enhanced to support some of the event operations for the preferred services. The application administrators and users can perform all the key functions on the supported iOS platforms for both applications and services.

For more information on TrueOps 10.7, see Getting started with TrueOps mobile app.

Database Express Bug Fixes (EBFs)

Express Bug Fixes applied to the SAP SQL Anywhere database

The embedded SAP SQL Anywhere database contains the following EBFs:

Operating systemEBF version