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You can identify a user with a user session only when the user fills out a form or selects a particular website. The system extracts the following types of personal information that can be associated with a session:

  • User ID — The user's name. For example, if someone logs on as, his or her user name might be john. The user name can also come from other places, such as a URI stem or a cookie.
  • Group ID — The user's group. If someone logs on as, the group might be You might also want to use a part of the host name to identify the web group (for example, or even a part of the URI stem (for example,

You can also use these fields in a different way — the "user" might be the account number of a customer, and "group" might be a policy number.

In the Session Browser, you can search for a user or group and compare the performance of these searches.

Here are some examples of common user and group extractions:



Extraction pattern


POST or URI query

=([User and group identification^@]+)


URI stem



Host name

^([User and group identification^\.]+)


POST or URI query

@([User and group identification^\.]+))


POST or URI query