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This topic explains the aspects of managing staging area exports:

Viewing export statistics

In the Real User Analyzer, point to Administration > Data sharing settings, and click Bulk data export.
In the Staging area section, the system displays statistics for the ongoing exports:

Export statistics

The information displayed includes the following parameters:

  • User name of the user who initiated the export
  • IP address of the resource that is receiving the export
  • Time when the export started
  • Earliest data requested for export
  • Latest data requested for export
  • Graph that indicates the percentage of the requested data that has already been delivered

These statistics are updated every 5 seconds.

To apply limits to concurrent exports

The system allows up to ten concurrent exports. However, a user with the Security role can edit this limit by clicking Edit in the Exporting section.

To cancel exports

To cancel an export, from the menu to the right of the export's statistics, select Cancel export entry.

To can cancel all currently active exports, from the menu at the top right of the export statistics section, click Cancel all exports.

To prevent data from being exported

You might want to prevent data from being exported if the nature of the data is changing (for example, new data types or fields are defined, new confidentiality policies are taking effect, and so on).

To prevent data from being exported, in the Exporting section, click OFF.

To perform this procedure, you must have Operator-level access, or higher.

The staging area continues receiving data but the system denies all the export requests.

Because the purge operation disrupts any ongoing exports, you can ensure that the purge operation has no impact by blocking further exports.


For exports that are terminated this way, the system closes all data streams properly and adds a notification to the statistics file, indicating that they are terminated because the export was turned off.

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