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You can change the settings for App Visibility agent for .NET in the file located in the installationDirectory\files\agentinstaller\support_files directory.


After you change the file, restart the agent.

Updating agent parameters

You can update following parameters.

  • App Visibility portal host name or IP address, and the listening port number (default 8000) of the App Visibility portal. If you upgraded your App Visibility server to the current version, and you enabled high availability in the upgraded version, ensure that you update each App Visibility agent to connect to the portal's load balancing server.

  • Application server name to display in the TrueSight console:
  • Proxy server host and port for outbound connections:


    Proxy server details are required only if you are using a reverse proxy server or load balancing server. This is not the same server as the App Visibility proxy, which is used to collect end-user browser data.

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