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In the Monitor Configuration tab you can add, edit or delete monitor types of the BMC PATROL for Web URL product.

To configure the Monitor Type settings in the Monitor Configuration tab:

  1. In the navigation pane of Central Monitoring Administration, click the Policies drawer and select a policy view.
  2. Click Add to display the Add Policy dialog box.
  3. Click the Monitor Configuration tab.
  4. Click Add , or select an existing policy and click Edit .
  5. From the Solution menu, select Web URL.
  6. In the Version menu, select the required version.
  7. From the Monitor Type menu, select the Monitor Type for which you want to add a policy.
  8. Configure the details as required in the bottom of the dialog box.

In addition to Default Monitoring, which enables all monitor types in the solution that do not require configuration, the following monitoring options are available:

Where to go from here?

After you have configured monitoring settings, you can configure threshold settings.

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