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BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring 9.0.00

Release notes and notices
updated 17 Jun

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June 17, 2016

9.0.30: Service Pack 3

Features available in this release.

Application classes and parameters


Information about the monitoring elements of the KM.



Information about installing the product and migrating product data.



Concepts, architecture, deployment, planning, and system requirements.

Configuring after installation


Required post-installation configuration tasks.

Related products and documentation

For additional information about BMC PATROL for Web Services Monitoring, see online Help, and release notes. For additional information about PATROL, see the following documentation:

To view the complete PATROL documentation library, visit the support page on the BMC Software Web site at Log on and select a product to access the related documentation. (To log on if you are a first-time user and have purchased a product, you can request a permanent user name and password by registering at the Customer Support page. To log on if you are a first-time user and have not purchased a product, you can request a temporary user name and password from your BMC Software sales representative.


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  1. Is it possible to integrate this KM with BPPM/TS?

  2. Hello David,

    You cannot use TS to configure the KM. You can sync your PATROL Agent with the TS to receive the data. 

    Hope this helps.



  3. Hello

    I Cant configure the Agent whith this km in TSPS Monitoring policy. The solution "Webservice monitoring" didnt exist In the panel "Add monitorin configuration"

    How can I activate de km if did not exist in the list of TSPS Monitoring policy?