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    This topic provides an overview of self-service user and support agent goals, especially those related to solving business problems, and how they are addressed by BMC Virtual Chat.

    User goal


    The primary goal of the self-service user is to get information to resolve an issue quickly and accurately. Self-service users can do this by logging on to the Self Service Portal and chatting with either a virtual agent or a live agent. Ideally, a virtual agent can assist the user and resolve the issue without live agent involvement. The user always has the option to interact with a live agent if preferred.

    Overview of the Self Service Portal

    The primary goal of a support agent is to resolve a user issue as quickly as possible. Support agents chat with self-service users from the Support Agent Console and use chat tools to expedite the process. Support agents can also assist up to four concurrent users at one time providing faster response time and improved customer service.

    Overview of the Support Agent Console