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The BMC Virtual Chat application logs data that might be used for custom reporting to the ES_Chat:Report_Event form. The alias for this form is Chat Event.

Each event type logged to this form contains information that is specific to that event. This section describes each of those events and the values in each associated event field.

BMC Virtual Chat includes an event reporting form that allows a single place to pull reporting from. The purpose is to allow reporting without having to pull data directly from the application forms. This design has several benefits:

  • It removes the risk of reports breaking as the product changes and the fields on the application forms change.
  • It eliminates the need to find data on the application forms, which can be difficult to interpret or even find.
  • To facilitate reporting needs for both out of box and custom reports, BMC Virtual Chat stores all reporting data in a single reporting form.

If you need to report any BMC Virtual Chat data that is not in the reporting form, use an active link or filter to extract that data as appropriate, and create entries in the reporting form.