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While the ES_Chat:Report_Event form records reporting events, the ES_Chat:Report_EventDefinition form does the following: 

  • Helps identify the event.
  • Provides an event ID.
  • Defines how long to store the even data for. 
  • Uniquely labels event data to the particular event.

This section describes the following:

ES_Chat:Report_EventDefinition form

The following figure shows the ES_Chat:Report_EventDefinition form.

Event Definition Fields

Event A name that is used to title the particular event. A default example is Live Agent Request which reports on how many requests have been made for a live agent.
Event ID

A unique identifier for the event. 

Best Practice

If you create custom events, BMC recommends starting with an ID of 10,000 or higher to avoid any conflict with default definitions that might be created later.

Status Defines whether the event is enabled or disabled. Setting it to Delete causes the definition to be deleted upon a save.
Lifespan Defines for the reporting module how long to preserve this specific event. It can be set to Days, Weeks, Months, or Years. The hidden field Lifespan Days is used to convert all settings to days and used internally. Setting this value to 0 disables the clearing of data.
Filter Label 1, 2, and 3The report even form contains three fields contain data about the event that is unique to each event. The Filter Labels allow for the browsing of the actual events in the ES_Chat:Report_Event form and understanding what the data in these three fields mean.
Existing Events TableThe final item is a table that shows all existing events. This was provided simply to facilitate the creation of new events to help avoid conflicts with existing events.


The following example shows the default events in BMC Virtual Chat. The Live Agent Request event has thee event specific fields of Status, Agent, and Resolution Status. A particular event instance indicates the current status of the chat request for live agent, the agent assigned, and the Resolution Status of that request.