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    Users access the Self Service Portal through any standard internet browser. When a self-service user opens the Self Service Portal, the user is greeted by the virtual chat agent Jenn. If service alerts have been set up in the system (configured by the system administrator), Jenn describes the alerts and advises the user to take the appropriate action.

    The Self Service Portal provides the following options:

    • Service Alerts displays active service alerts. Clicking the alert displays the alert description and history.
    • Live Chat Sessions displays all previous chat sessions. Clicking a chat session to reactivates the session and displays the associated chat log.
    • My Open Incidents displays all of the incidents that the user has opened in IT Service Management. Clicking an incident shows the details of that incident, such as status, modified date, and agent assigned.
    • Frequently Asked Questions displays the most commonly asked questions. Clicking a question shows the complete question and answer text.
    • The Topics menu provides a list of subjects that a question may relate to. Selecting a topic routes a user question to the subject matter expert for that topic.


      Items listed on the right side of the Self Service Portal are configured by the system administrator. The system administrator defines whether to display service alerts, live chat sessions, open incidents, and frequently asked questions in the file. For more information about configuring features of BMC Virtual Chat, see Administering

    • Logout exits the Self Service Portal.
    • The Please enter a question text box provides an area for the self-service user to type a question to ask the virtual chat agent.
    • Chat with live agent now escalates the question to the next available live agent. This option also sends the entire chat history. This option is available when the self-service user is currently in an active chat session with the Virtual Chat or if the Chat Application Status has been set to Agent Only by the system administrator. This option is not available if the Chat Application Status has been set to Virtual Chat Only by the system administrator.
    • Show Chat Log, if selected, displays a log of the entire chat with the Virtual Chat. By default, this check box is not selected.
    • Email Chat emails the chat log to the self-service user. The email chat log dialog box opens with the self-service user's email address, which can be overwritten.
    • Live Chat Hours displays the hours that live agent support is available.
    • Settings changes the language preferences in the Self Service Portal.

    For instructions for self-service users, see Using the Self Service Portal.