The following table describes the user roles in BMC Virtual Agent. The responsibilities of these roles can vary from organization to organization, and in some organizations, one person might fulfill several roles.

User role


Self-service user

  • Initiates a chat session with either a virtual agent or live agent
  • Views system alerts, chat hours, and other messages

Virtual agent

  • Communicates with the self-service user via a chat window using artificial intelligence
  • Searches various knowledge repositories for information related to the user's question
  • Displays information by providing links to relevant articles and websites

Support agent

  • Communicates with the self-service user via a chat window
  • Uses chat aids such as file transfers, question scripts and quick text
  • Manages the chat session and escalates tickets if appropriate
  • Collaborates with other agents to help resolve the user issue

BMC Virtual Agent application administrator

  • Installs and configures the application
  • Integrates third-party applications
  • Performs system-level troubleshooting
  • Grants permissions to users

IT help desk manager

  • Monitors support agent activities in the support agent console
  • Analyzes performance reports and takes appropriate action to improve deficiencies
  • Schedules people and resources to implement tasks
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