Support agents access the Support Agent Console through BMC Remedy Mid Tier. When an agent logs on to BMC Remedy Mid Tier, the BMC Remedy IT Service Management IT Home page opens. The support agent accesses the Virtual Agent application under the Applications menu. The Support Agent Console displays one or more chat windows. The number of chat windows is determined by the Session Layout field in the Quick Action area.

From this console, the support agent can see questions when they are submitted for chat and can accept a chat session by clicking on the question. The console also provides the following options:

  • Available, when selected, means that the agent is available for a chat session. By default, this check box is selected.
  • Join enables agents to join a chat session. Supervisors can join a chat session as an active participant, or they can monitor sessions.
  • Preferences set agent preferences, such as personal settings (name, status, email), question scripts, and quick text.
  • Session Layout specifies how many chat windows to display.
  • Run Application enables the agent to manage applications. The options are Attachments, Invite, Relate Session to Major Incident, Report Potential Major Incident, Send Email, and Set Chat as Abandoned. This list contains the same applications that are available under the Apps button (available in a live chat session). The system administrator can also define these applications as a custom button, available from the support agent chat session window. For more information about custom buttons, see Administering.  
  • View enables the agent to select which type of sessions to view. The values are All (default), Unassigned Sessions, My Current Session, Chat Session Pending Acceptance, My Assigned Paused Sessions, All Major Incident, or My Major Incident. For more information, see Viewing chat sessions.
  • Sessions displays pending session information.
    • Pending Assignment displays the number of chat sessions that are waiting to be assigned to an agent.
    • Pending Transfer to me displays the number of chat sessions that are waiting to be transferred to the agent who is logged on.
    • Pending Invitations displays the number of chat sessions to which the agent has been invited.
  • Notification Options enables the agent to specify whether to receive an email notification alert when a new chat session is initiated.
  • Associated Data displays information and data related to the chat session.
  • Major Incidents displays major system incidents to determine if this chat session is related to an existing incident.
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  1. How are "Major Incidents" defined? What field/s are used for that?




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