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Language options are configured in the Language Translation section of the Virtual Agent Administration Console. If you are using translation, you must purchase a translation API key from Google. For information about the language translation architecture, see Language information.

To set language options

  1. From the IT Home page, select Virtual Agent > Administration Console.
  2. Under General Settings, click Language Translation.
    The Language Settings pane appears.

  3. Set the following options:
    • Automatic Language Translation: Select whether to turn on automatic language translation. By default, this option is Off.
    • Default Language: Specify the default language for the chat system. This option is applicable only if automatic language translation is turned on.


      For 8.1.00, do not set this field to any value other than English. This field is reserved for future use and removed in 8.1.01.

    • Language Server Address: Type the URL of the server that hosts the Chat Translation Servlet (CTS). Replace [SERVER] with the BMC Remedy Mid Tier server. If a Load Balancer is used in front of multiple Mid Tier servers, specify the Load Balancer.
      Example: http://cal-server-mt:8080/cts/translate? 
    • Google API Translation Key: The required key (purchased from Google) to use for translation services.
    • Google API URL: The Google URL used for translation. This URL points to the Google translation key and is coded as follows:[KEY]&from=[FROM]&to=[TO]&text=[TEXT]
    • Supported Languages: Define the languages supported by the chat application. You can create, modify, or delete languages by clicking the corresponding buttons to the right of the language list.
  4. Save the changes, as follows:
    • Click OK to save the changes and close the console.
    • Click Apply to save the changes and keep the console open.


      To use Google translation services, you must purchase a translation API key. In earlier versions, Google translation services were free.