This  topic contains information about fixes and updates in this service pack, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the service pack.


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.


Service Pack 2 provides the following enhancements:

New Self Service Portal UI

With 8.1.02, BMC Virtual Agent has a new Self Service Portal that is easier for your clients to use and that has an updated design. 


The previous version of the Self Service Portal is still available, but by pointing users to a different URL, they can use the new Self Service Portal. For more information, see Using the Self Service Portal and Defining settings using the Self Service Portal Configuration tool.

Chat acceptance and availability enhancements

To help agents respond to clients more easily and to reduce clients' wait times, version 8.1.02 introduces two enhancements:

  • With the Agent Auto Accept setting, administrators can configure the Support Agent Console so that chat requests for a live agent are automatically assigned to any agent with an available chat session. 
  • To help agents manage their sessions, especially if Agent Auto Accept is enabled, agents' chat sessions can be set to Unavailable automatically after agents click Close. This allows an agent to complete any follow-up work to the chat session. When ready, an agent select Available in the chat session so that it can be assigned a chat request. If Available is not checked and Agent Auto Accept is enabled, the Support Agent Console shows a list that is not dependent on any of the other windows. 
  • Like the alert notification window for clients, the Support Agent Console also has an alert window that displays when an agent has been inactive in a chat. This helps agents respond to clients and helps manage the agents' chat sessions.

For more information, see Session settings for the Support Agent Console

Miscellaneous enhancements

In 8.1.02, BMC Virtual Agent includes several other smaller enhancements to address issues and to improve functionality. 

Support Agent Console enhancements

  • When the automatic creation of incidents is turned off, agents can manually create an incident and automatically populate the incident and associate it with a chat session, similar to incident creation when users click Request for a live agent. This enhancements includes a new ES_Chat:SAC_CreateIncident form and workflow.
  • So that support agents know users' names before engaging them, the Support Agent Console shows users' names in the chat request list. 
  • When a client close the Self Service Portal, the Support Agent Console includes the user name in the "has closed their browser" message.
  • The Support Agent Console performance has improved when there are more than 40 pending assignments. 

Self Service Portal enhancements

  • The Self Service Portal includes a message "Your approximate wait time is more than n minutes." The Self Service Portal check the Max Wait Time configuration in BMC Remedy AR System. If the wait time exceeds that setting, it displays the message rather than the actual minutes.
  • For Self Service Portal configuration, the Interfaces section includes supported UI translations. 
  • The settings for the client alert window have changed: The default alert has changed from 120 seconds to 30 seconds, and the Self Service Portal alert bar is not persistent by default, but it can configured to persist. 
  • The default reconnect timeout for the CNS socket is changed from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • To ensure that systems upgrade with the new Self Service Portal, <request_alias>mylivechatsfull</request_alias> and <request_alias>mylivechatsfull</request_alias> were moved from Self Service Portal > Configuration > Forms - Standard to Forms - UI.
  • The Self Service Portal at arhome.html includes several changes:
    • It now uses the full user name (first and last names) if available so that both are shown in the Support Agent Console. 
    • To prevent locking in enabled language translations due to checks for attachments, this check is a lower priority. 
    • The "has canceled this request for a live agent" message uses correct spacing. It was previously missing a space. 

Chat Notification Servlet and ProgramD enhancements

  • In load balancing environments, sockets could not properly detect the connection origin because load balancer proxies masked the origin. The Chat Notification Servlet now supports messages with server names in the messages.
  • The ProgramD web descriptor can now use relative paths so that it is compatible with Tomcat 6 and 7.

Plugin enhancements

  • The translation plugin now supports log4j logging. 
  • The Notification plugin includes additional debug information, including the server name and the IP address of the plugin server.
  • In load balancing environments, sockets could not properly detect the connection origin because load balancer proxies masked the origin. The Notification and Support Bot plugins now support messages with server names in the messages.

Workflow enhancements

  • The People Chat SSO definition in Self Service Portal > Configuration > Forms - Standard uses Field ID 4 for the UID rather than the URL parameter. Field 4 is the Login ID field from the People form.  Incident Creation was failing when using BMC Atrium Single Sign On.
  • Field alignment issues in the Virtual Agent Administration Console are fixed.
  • Permissions have been added so that the default 24x7 Chat Availability record does not require the AR admin access to work correctly.
  • Unnecessary buttons are no longer visible in the Invite view of the ES_Chat:TransferChatSesson form.
  • To prevent closing a session in the Support Agent Console from displaying multiple lists, the CloseSession_ active link uses RefreshSessionQuery rather than SetSessionQuery.
  • In the Virtual Agent Administration Console, General Settings > Support Agent Console includes two new settings for the frequency of checking and debugging the chat request list. 

Downloading the service pack

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

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