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The supporting Java files have been updated with BMC Virtual Agent 8.1. Therefore, you must replace the earlier versions with the later versions included in the 8.1 installation package. Replace the following sets of files:

In addition, if you have changed the location of the var folder, you must modify the Program D configuration so that it points to the new var folder location.


When you replace and deploy the eschat.war file, the \webapps\eschat\resources\img folder is re-created. Therefore, if your logo was placed in this folder (from an earlier version), it is overwritten. Be sure to save a copy of your logo file and add it to the appropriate folder after you redeploy the WAR files.

To update the DVF file

Copy the ESDVFBase.jar file from the installation package to the BMC Remedy Mid Tier server where the original file resides (typically in the following folder):

c:\Program Files\AR System\Mid-Tier\LocalPlugins\ESDVFBase


You do not need to stop or start any services.

To update the servlets

  1. Stop Apache Tomcat.
  2. Back up any customizations in the Apache Tomcat webapps folder by moving the files or folders out of the webapps folder and placing them in a location that is outside of the webapps hierarchy.


    Do not simply rename the old files in the webapps folder. If you do so, Tomcat will deploy the files under the new name but with the same service name.

    The most common customization is the logo file in the \webapps\eschat\resources\img folder.
    The Apache Tomcat webapps folder is re-created when the WAR file is deployed, overwriting any earlier customizations.

  3. Delete the following WAR files and their corresponding folders in the Apache Tomcat webapps folder:
    • cns.war
    • cts.war
    • eschat.war
    • programd.war

  4. Copy the following WAR files from the installation package to the webapps folder:
    • cns.war
    • cts.war
    • eschat.war
    • programd.war
  5. Restart Apache Tomcat.


    Visually monitor the webapps folder and verify that the appropriate subfolders were created by Apache Tomcat. For example, after you manually copy the ProgramD.war file to the webapps folder, Apache Tomcat should create a subfolder named ProgramD in the webapps folder.

To update the Java plug-ins

  1. Copy the following Java plug-in files from the installation package to the BMC Remedy AR System server where the original files reside:
    • SupportBotPlugin.jar
    • ESChatNotificationServerPlugin.jar
    • ESTranslatePlugin.jar
    • ESChatToolsPlugin.jar

      The following path is typical:
      c:\Program Files\AR System\<serverName>\ARServer\Api\JavaPlugins
  2. Restart the BMC Remedy AR System service.

To update Program D for changed var folder location

  1. Open the Program D web.xml file with any standard XML editor.
    By default this file is in the following location:
    C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\programd\web-inf
  2. Locate the <param-value> element.
    This tag contains the path to the var folder.
  3. Change the path to the appropriate location. For example, if you moved the var folder under the BMCChat folder, change the default value to the new path:

    Default value


    New path


    If the var folder resides on a drive other than C, the new path would be as follows:

  4. Save the changes.
  5. Repeat these changes for all load-balanced mid-tier servers running Program D.
  6. Restart Apache Tomcat on all mid tier servers running Program D.
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