Log on to your Self Service Portal and perform the following actions:

  • Submit the following sample questions. Does the virtual agent respond with the answers in the table?

    Why is the sky blue?The sky is blue because of the atmospheric optical effect known as Raleigh Scattering.
    Who is Tom Hanks?Tom Hanks is a famous Hollywood actor. Hanks appeared in Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan.
    Who is Batman?Batman is a fictional character who appeared first in a 1938 comic book.
    How do you sort columns in Excel?I'm sorry but I did not find an answer to your specific question. I have created a web search where you may also find an answer. Click here.
  • Check the live agent availability in your system. What hours are live agents available?
  • Change the language to Spanish. Is language translation available in your system?
  • Email the chat log. What email address appears in the Email Chat Log box?
  • Log out of the Self Service Portal. Is the logout link available?
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