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This animated video shows you how BMC Virtual Agent and various IT service management departments work together to support the customer.

The content of the animation can be used by a wide range of people, including: 

  • Anyone who is new to IT service management concepts or to BMC products 
  • Experienced IT service management customers — To better understand what happens with an incident request behind the scenes at a service desk 
  • Junior help desk analysts — To learn about the lifecycle of a service request and IT service management back-office operations

The story

Joe is drafting an important presentation for the director of his department. He needs to know how a feature of the application he is using works. Follow Joe and his question on their journey through the IT service management system. 




  2. video not available (sad)

    1. Hi Govind, I'm sorry that you were not able to view the video. Can you be a little bit more specific about the circumstances so that I can try to help you to watch it? What browser were you using, what exactly happened when you tried to view it ... and so on. Currently, I can see the video, so there must be a problem with the delivery mechanism.