BMC Virtual Agent addresses the business challenge of escalating IT budget costs and frustrated help desk customers. Limited hours of help desk support, long wait times, inconsistent answers and lengthy escalations contribute to customer frustration and increased costs for more help desk personnel. BMC Virtual Agent resolves all of these issues with an animated virtual support agent that acts as the first line of defense for self-service users. Instead of calling or emailing the help desk, users submit a question to the virtual agent in a familiar chat window interface. The virtual agent uses artificial intelligence to respond to the user and searches numerous knowledge databases for answers. If the virtual agent cannot find an answer, the chat session is escalated to a live agent. Live agents can handle up to four concurrent chat sessions.

BMC Virtual Agent provides the following benefits:

  • Users can solve their own issues with modern self-service tools. 
  • Fewer routine questions to the help desk to help reduce costs.
  • Intelligent chat routing that directs the user to the most appropriate live agent based on the topic.
  • Virtual agent availability for after hours support with follow up by a live agent during normal business hours only if necessary.
  • Up to four concurrent sessions can be handled by one live support agent resulting in more problems solved in a shorter amount of time. 
  • Users and agents can chat in their own languages with instant language translation.
  • Reporting on key performance indicators allows management to identify problem areas.
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