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In BMC Remedy AR System, create an account for BMC Virtual Agent. When you install BMC Virtual Agent, use this account to access BMC Remedy AR System. The installer will store the specified AR user in the file.


 Do not use a regular user's account, such as your own, or one of the default accounts. This account should be one that is not deactivated when an employee leaves or when sample accounts are deleted.

You must assign the following permissions to the BMC Virtual Agent account:

  • Administrator
  • Incident Master

Without these permissions, the Incident Management integration fails, such as not being able to modify incidents.

To check BMC Virtual Agent user permissions

  1. From the IT Home Page, select AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console.
  2. Select Application > Users/Groups/Roles > Users.
  3. In the Users window, type the AR user name for Login Name, and click Search.
  4. In the results, select the AR user name.
  5. In the Group List field, verify that the user has Administrator and Incident Master access. If not, select Administrator from the list, and click Save.

    MYES_SS_ADMIN permission change

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