This topic contains information about fixes and updates in this patch, and provides instructions for downloading and installing the patch. 


For information about issues corrected in this service pack, see Known and corrected issues.

Downloading and installing the patch

For download instructions, see Downloading the installation files

For installation instructions, see Installing and Upgrading


The installer for version includes all of the BMC Virtual Agent files, so you can use the installer for new installations and upgrades. As with new installations, you must run the installer on the BMC Remedy AR System and Mid Tier servers, including all secondary servers in a server group environment. For more information, see BMC Virtual Agent deployment.

Highlights of this release

This section contains a list of issues that have had a significant impact on how customers use the BMC Virtual Agent and which are corrected in this release. For details, see Known and corrected issues

Logs Collector

To help diagnose problems more easily, version includes the Logs Collector, which gathers log files, configuration files, and environment information. This information is downloaded as a zip file that you can send to BMC Support or use to troubleshoot issues. For more information, see Collecting log files and information for troubleshooting

Self Service Portal usability 

  • For improved usability, issues with the new Self Service Portal UI (introduced with 8.1.02) are resolved, including improved notification and alerts messages, a resized browser window that fits the new UI, translated received messages as specified in Settings, and file transfers. 
  • The new Self Service Portal UI supports URL parameters, matching the older Self Service Portal.
  • User accounts that do not have a valid email address cannot log on to the Self Service Portal, and a message displays the reason for the failed login.  Originally, users could log on without a valid email addres, and a temporary ID was generated to allow for guest accounts. But this feature result in support calls.  

Support Agent Console and Administration Console

  • When users from more than one company are in chat sessions with support agents, the Support Agent Console no longer hangs.
  • The license agreement is removed from the Virtual Agent Administration Console. It used only for when BMC Virtual Agent did not have an installer and needed to show the end-user license agreement.  It is no longer required since the license agreement is shown in the installer.


  • supports the searching of external files that are indexed in BMC Knowledge Management. This change adds the new RKM:VF_SystemFiles_Manageable_Join form. 

    Before running the upgrade, do one of the following to add the new definitions.
    • If you do not have customizations, delete the current configuration for ar_allowed_forms for Forms - Remedy Knowledge Management 7.6.04 and later.  
    • If you have customer this configuration item, rename and disable this Self Service Portal configuration item rather than deleting it.
  • The BMC  Knowledge Management query nows retrieves and uses the KAM ID rather than using the Request Entry ID and then parsing the KAM ID from it.
  • Tomcat and BMC Virtual Agent continue to respond if the </enc> tag is absent in the ES_Chat:AC_SSConfig form for the AR Server - RKM 7.6.04 Search Account configuration.
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