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When installing PATROL for UNIX and Linux, silent-installation images built on sun4u SPARC systems fail on sun4v SPARC systems, such as the Oracle ® Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 servers. Perform the following tasks to ensure that silent installation is successful.

To Determine Whether Your System is a sun4v SPARC Server

  1. Type uname -a.
  2. Check the output for the sun4v string.

To Install PATROL for UNIX and Linux on a sun4v SPARC System by Using a Silent-installation Image Built on a sun4u SPARC System

If you use a silent-installation image built on a sun4u SPARC system to install the product on a sun4v SPARC system, use the -no_oscheck option when installing: 

./ -no_oscheck


When building a silent-installation image on a sun4u or sun4v SPARC system to install on a different type of system, do not use the Compress Installable Image option. If you use this option, installing by using the script fails with the following error: Unable to determine Solaris subplatform type. uname -m returns the following: sun4v

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