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On the Devices page, you can select between the Tile view or the Table view by selecting the appropriate option in the action menu.

Tile view

The tile view in the Devices page displays device types and in the Device Details page displays monitor types.

The tile view displays the following attributes:

  • Device name
  • (Optional) Device and monitor type 

Enable or disable the optional information by customizing the Devices page.

In the tile view, you can sort the display by device name or event severity:

Device name: Devices with only IP addresses are displayed first, followed by devices in alphabetical order.

Event severity: Events of a higher severity take precedence. For example, a device with 5 critical events and 2 major events is listed before a device with 3 critical events and 10 major events.

Table view

The table view displays the following attributes:

  • Device name
  • Device type
  • Number of Agents connected to the device
  • Overall event count
  • Color-coded event severity counters (number of events of a specific severity)

In the table view, select the flat or hierarchy view. The hierarchy view is displayed only if there are devices in the system that can be displayed in a hierarchy. If there are no parent or child devices, the hierarchy view is the same as the flat view.

In the hierarchy view, the sorting is by the device or monitor name. You cannot sort by another column.

In the Flat view, the default sorting is by event count. Click another column heading to sort by that column. Click the arrow to sort in ascending or descending order.

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