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If you have integrated with VMware vCloud Director, the navigation tree in the operator console displays the Provider vDC and Organization vDC nodes under the Cloud Resources node. You can view the provider and organization virtual datacenters in all the views available in the Operations Console. For information about the various view, see the Infrastructure Management User Guide.

The Provider vDC and Organization vDC nodes display infrastructure data about the virtual machines available in vCloud Director. You can view the details (priority information, information about the status including SLA compliance, cell details, and so on) for each of the virtual machines. You can also view information about the events generated for the virtual machines, perform Probable Cause Analysis on these events, and in general perform all the operations that you would perform on other devices, services, or monitors in the Operations Console.

The figure below shows the details for the vm-test-vcd1 VM. This machine is a part of the vCloud Director interface and is being used in Infrastructure Management to monitor the cloud constructs present in vCloud Director.

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