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In Atrium CMDB Publish environments, you can perform the following activities:

During the publishing of a service model, new or modified service model components and their relationships are selected from the asset dataset in the BMC Atrium CMDB and copied to the cell.

Required rights for a BMC Atrium CMDB User

The Publishing Server requires BMC Atrium CMDB administrator rights to be able to perform the following operations: 

  • Access BMC Remedy AR forms
  • Retrieve user groups
  • Retrieve BMC Atrium CMDB class information
  • Retrieve BMC Atrium CMDB reconciliation information
  • Retrieve all CIs and relationships

Enabling Atrium CMDB Publish publishing

Atrium CMDB Publish is enabled by default, with a the AtriumCMDBPublishOrigin parameter in the pserver.conf file, located in installationDirectory/pw/server/etc. For Atrium CMDB environments, cell information is retrieved from the mcell.dir file, located in the same directory.

Using BMC Impact Model Designer

When the source of the service model data is the BMC Atrium CMDB, the Publishing Server can handle all the requirements for standard publishing. For publishing service impact data after creating and promoting it with BMC Impact Model Designer, Publishing Server defines by default a 'Default' publication environment as per the parameters set in the Default environment, filters and cell section of the pserver.conf file.

About the production environment

An Atrium CMDB Publish environment uses an asset dataset, by default BMC.ASSET. EnvId.

The production Atrium CMDB Publish environment has the following dataset and form:

Dataset and form in BMC Atrium CMDB.



Asset dataset: by default, BMC.ASSET

Contains objects to be published This is the dataset from which service model data is published to cells. regular dataset

  • Read-only: can be updated only by the CMDB Reconciliation Engine as objects are reconciled
  • A service model object is successfully promoted when it is moved from the sandbox to this dataset in the BMC Atrium CMDB.

PN:PublishedData form

Contains information about published CIs

  • Read-only: can only be updated by the Publishing Server as objects are published
  • A service model object is successfully published when object information is in this form in the BMC Atrium CMDB

The production service model data is in the BMC Atrium CMDB in the production dataset BMC.ASSET.


To ensure that the service model data in the BMC Atrium CMDB and in the cell are synchronized, the data in the PN:PublishedData form must be managed solely by Publishing Server.

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