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This section provides information about the web services that retrieve data from configuration items (CIs), search CIs, create or delete CIs or relationships, or update CIs.


The web services can perform the following:

  • Retrieve metadata, configuration data, performance statistics data, or complete details of a CI
  • Search CIs and retrieve details about them
  • Create or delete CIs or relationships
  • Update CIs
  • Retrieve related CIs
  • Get events for CI

List of web service APIs

The following web service APIs are available to manage CIs:

  • usage — Retrieves the searchable slots and the supported enumerations for each searchable slot of a CI
  • metadata — Retrieves the monitor types and attributes from a CI
  • configdata — Retrieves the configuration data from a CI
  • stats — Retrieves the performance statistics data from a CI
  • search — Searches CIs based on the input provided and retrieves details about them
  • details — Retrieves complete details of a CI
  • create — Creates a CI or a relationship
  • update — Updates a CI
  • delete — Deletes a CI or a relationship
  • related — Retrieves related CIs indicating root cause, relationship type and direction, etc.
  • getEvents — Retrieves events for the specified CI