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Version 10.1.00 of the BMC Patrol for Application Management product introduces the following new features:

Better support for Java

The Java collector for the End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) Knowledge Module (KM) now supports Java versions earlier than Java 8.

This enhancement address defect is listed as ID TOM-12335 in the Known and corrected issues table.

New display options in the AM Configuration monitor type

The configuration settings have been updated for the AM Configuration monitor type.

In the configuration setting for the AM Configuration monitor type, you can set an object instance format that determines how the object instance is represented for a Synthetic event in the TrueSight Operations Console Event Details page . The object instance can either be shown as an object instance ID or as an object instance name. The monitor's history is not maintained if you switch between the instance ID and instance name formats.

Additionally, the configuration details for the monitor type have been updated. Now, you enter the configuration details for the TrueSight Presentation Server instead of the App Visibility Portal. 

AM configuration monitor type

New parameter for discovery status

There is a new _AppVisibilityDiscovery parameter in the APM_MAIN application class.

The _AppVisibilityDiscovery parameter indicates the discovery status of a tenant's App Visibility Portal that is configured in the TrueSight Presentation Server.