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    Timing indicates the time frame in which a change is to be implemented. The following criteria are used to determine the timing of a change:

    Timing criteria



    Standard timing can be used for this type of change request.


    The change is required to prevent potential loss or degradation of service, or to meet an imminent business requirement.


    The change is required to quickly restore service loss, fix severe degradation, or prevent an inevitable loss of service.

    Emergency changes can be more disruptive and prone to failure than other changes. Therefore, all emergency changes require a post-implementation review (PIR). These changes must also be reviewed at the next scheduled CAB meeting. Emergency changes should be avoided whenever possible.

    The following minimum criteria are required for a change to be considered an emergency:

    • Unplanned and unforeseen
    • An unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with urgently
    • Necessary to prevent disruption or further disruption to the production environment
    • Requires implementation before the next applicable change window
    • Deemed an emergency by the Change Advisory Board (CAB) or Emergency Change Advisory Board (E-CAB)


    A type of change request filed after a completed change appears to have caused a priority 1 or 2 incident.

    No Impact

    A No Impact change is an optional change that is not required by Change Management. No Impact changes can be useful for recording changes to the development or QA environments. No Impact changes can also be used for recording changes to a configuration item (CI) in the configuration management database (CMDB), or where user notification (but not approval) is needed.