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    The following table highlights changes that have been made to the Change Management process:

    Prior processCurrent process
    The RFC form is submitted only via the BMC Customer Support portal.A RFC may be submitted online via the Request a Change offering within the BMC OnDemand support portal.
    The Change Advisory Board (CAB) meets twice a week.To effectively respond to customer change requests, the frequency of CAB meetings has been increased so that the CAB meets daily (Monday to Friday) to review change requests. Because the CAB meets daily, customers experience a faster response from BMC to their change requests.

    The customer's project manager is responsible for completing and submitting the RFC to the Change Advisory Board (CAB).

    The Change Approver can be anyone involved in approving the change, such as the Change Manager, a CAB member, or a CAB/E-CAB member.

    For more information, see Change request process and Change Management definitions. 

    A Change Submitter is an individual who prepares and submits an RFC document to request that a change be performed.


    You can nominate a Customer Authorized Change Approver(s) to track and govern change requests for your company by providing the name(s) to your Business Relationship Manager. This role is required to ensure an effective collaboration for controlling unauthorized change in a customer’s environment. A Customer Authorized Change Approver is responsible for approving the changes. Approvals are communicated via email.

    Changes may be viewed on the Change Calendar function within the support portal.


    Uncontrolled Admin access is provided.

    To prevent unauthorized and anonymous changes, BMC revokes administrator access from all individual users and grants customer-selected users administrator access upon request. Customers can request administrator access using the Request Something Else offering within the support portal. Access is time-bound and is revoked after the allotted time has passed.


    Only QA environment and production environment administrator accounts are revoked. Administrator  access in the development environment is still allowed.

    For more information, see Streamlining administrator access to BMC Remedy OnDemand QA and Production environments.

    Full access for customers to the development and QA environments (not production) is supported during the onboarding phase. The BMC SaaS Operations team handles customer-submitted RFCs.Full application access is provided for all customers for their development environment. Access to the QA and production environments is restricted. BMC SaaS Operations usually has limited involvement in change activities during the onboarding phase, as changes are managed by the onboarding team. See Using BMC Deployment Application for additional detail.