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From service activation to onboarding to ongoing operations of your OnDemand service, it is important to understand the various roles and responsibilities of the BMC and customer teams. This topic describes BMC and customer roles, communication plans, and functional responsibilities for service control administration.

Roles and responsibilities

The following table describes the key roles and their associated responsibilities for BMC and customers.

BMC Account ManagerThe BMC Account Manager is responsible for account oversight and management of commercial terms related to license sales.
BMC Business Relationship Manager

At contract execution, customers are assigned a Business Relationship Manager (BRM) to help provide a personalized experience for your service delivery. The BRM is a BMC named resource who is focused on driving value realization and business alignment for the OnDemand services. The following list describes key responsibilities:

  • Serve as an escalation point for business-impacting service and product issues and service requests
  • Coordinate periodic service reviews
  • Lead the planning of product upgrades and patches with the BMC OnDemand Operations staff on your behalf
  • Facilitate touch point meetings to address overall customer experience, quality of service, and service delivery concerns
  • Coordinate with various internal teams to ensure consistent alignment of standard processes
  • Monitor service quality throughout the lifecycle

The level of BRM involvement varies depending on the lifecycle phase:

  • Light touch throughout the service activation and onboarding phases
  • Heavier touch during pre-go-live and post-go-live activities


BMC OnDemand Service DeskLed by a support manager, the BMC OnDemand Service Desk provides management of service disruptions, operational issues, product defects, and service requests submitted through the BMC OnDemand support portal. Support and portal access are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from initial triage through resolution. The support manager acts as an escalation point for missed targets or issues with critical service impacts.
Onboarding Project ManagerWhether onboarded by BMC Global Services or a trusted partner, an onboarding project manager is typically assigned to the account throughout the onboarding phase to manage overall project governance and project-related activities from the implementation perspective. This role works closely with the customer project manager to plan activities and logistics for the project and to manage onboarding resources, budget, and scope.
Customer Project ManagerThe customer's project manager works in close coordination with the onboarding project manager to manage customer onboarding tasks and customer resources required for successful delivery of contracted requirements. This role typically stays active in the project post-go-live for a period of time to ensure smooth operations.
Customer Process Owners

This group of resources includes any technical, administrator, and security personnel required to provide approvals, data configuration, and technical direction for onboarding activities and connectivity methods to the Remedy OnDemand data centers (for example, BMC Client Gateway configuration, integration points, and so on). Some of these resources might not be directly involved with service operations on an ongoing basis, but they are vital for planning and executing the initial rollout of the service to the production environment. This group typically includes the following roles:

  • Security administrators – Representatives from the customer’s Information Security team
  • Change approvers – Representatives from the customer’s Change Advisory Board who are authorized to approve a change to customer systems
  • Application experts – Specialists from the ITSM process groups (for example, Service Desk Manager, Change Manager, and so on) who manage the applications on an ongoing basis and submit issues and service requests to the BMC OnDemand Service Desk
  • Remedy administrators – Responsible for ongoing data configuration of applications
  • Integrated systems managers – Includes application owners for all Remedy integration sources and related content
Customer Change ApproversGiven that all changes require customer approval, BMC asks that customers identify a set of individuals responsible for authorizing changes in the OnDemand system. This list of change approvers must be provided to the BRM prior to go-live and may be updated at any time via written communication to BMC. See BMC's Change Management policy for additional information.


Business Relationship Manager communication plan

Your BRM will liaise with you to schedule review meetings dependent on your requirements. Unless otherwise denoted in your contract, the communication plan is as follows:

Meeting TypeFrequencyDescriptionDurationFormatAudienceFacilitator
Support reviewWeeklyReview of service performance and escalated critical and high-priority tickets30 minutesConference callCustomer, BRM, BMC OnDemand Service Desk ManagerBRM
Service reviewPeriodicReview of service performance and escalated critical and high-priority tickets1 hourOnsite / conference callCustomer, BRM, BMC Account ManagerBRM
Roadmap alignment and reviewQuarterlyTwo-way discussion of roadmap strategy and future plans1-2 hoursOnsite / conference callCustomer, BRM, BMC Account ManagerBRM

Service control administration

At a high level, service control task ownership is summarized as follows:


Data AdministrationCustomer

Foundation data

Service Catalog definitions

Knowledge content

Application-specific data

Report data

Management of foundation and other customer-defined data
End User SupportCustomer

User Requests

User Incidents
Support of end-user requests
User AdministrationCustomer

Create / modify / delete users and associated user data

Management of users and permissions
Service AdministrationBMCService Change Management

Management and control of the service through operation of incident, change, and request processes

Application MaintenanceBMCPromotion of QA and production changes

Management and support of the BMC Remedy ITSM applications necessary to support the agreed level of availability and to undertake patching, upgrade, and code promotions

Infrastructure AdministrationBMCEnvironment provisioning and maintenance

Management and support of the hardware and network infrastructure necessary to support the agreed level of availability