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    You may request BMC OnDemand Lifecycle Requests via the BMC OnDemand Service Desk as a part of regular support of your service.

    This topic contains the following information:

    Submitting a BMC Remedy OnDemand Lifecycle Request

    When submitting a Lifecycle Request, take the following actions:

    • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, you will use the Request Something Else option within the portal prior to go-live and the Request a Change option if you are already live in your production environment. See BMC OnDemand Service Desk overview for instructions on using this portal. 
    • In the Summary or Change Summary field, use the format "Lifecycle Request – RequestableOfferingName" (for example, "Lifecycle Request – MFT directory set up" if you are requesting a MFT directory). See the information in the following topics for more requestable offering options:

    Estimated time to complete requests

    The following table lists the service level targets for each type of request. 

    business hour is any hour during a Monday to Friday global business day.

    business day is a day when normal global business is transacted; generally, Monday to Friday but not including weekends.

    A calendar hour is based on a 24-hour clock and does not have exceptions.

    Request typeInitial request acknowledgementResponse update (from acknowledgement)Fulfill request (from acknowledgement)
    ODBC access requests4 calendar hours36 calendar hours36 calendar hours

    Integration-related requests:

    • BMC Client Gateway configuration
    • Managed file transfer directory set up
    • Atrium web services configuration
    • Change email configuration
    • People data integration
    • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) single sign-on authentication
    4 business hours72 business hoursVaries per request
    Application branding4 business hours72 business hoursVaries per request
    Database backups and restores

    4 business hours

    4 business hours24 business hours
    Optional application component activation4 business hours72 business hoursVaries per request
    Network port configuration4 business hours4 business hours24 business hours
    Language pack installation4 business hours72 business hoursVaries per request
    Database encryption4 business hours72 business hoursVaries per request



    New customer activation requests are created upon subscription order execution and do not have to be requested by the customer.

    Fulfillment times will vary, because they depend on you and your service organizations providing complete and accurate data. In some cases, fulfillment times also depend on the availability of customer resources or the installation of other system components.


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