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    People data registers and identifies BMC OnDemand users. After people data is initially loaded, it must be periodically updated in accordance with the customer directory of users. The people data integration enables a recurring synchronization of the customer's directory source to the BMC OnDemand people records in order to keep people and organization data up to date. This integration is commonly requested during the initial onboarding project and is fulfilled by the BMC SaaS Operations team as part of your subscription service.


    The following list describes the scope of this service: 

    • Configure the out-of-the-box people load job to populate the customer’s people data into the AR application from a single directory source (for example Active Directory) or data file (.csv, .xlsx). 
    • Test configuration and connectivity to your people data source. BMC Client Gateway (new customer) or VPN (existing customer) connectivity between the customer-hosted directory server and the OnDemand-hosted AR Server on the desired port is required to begin the integration configuration process. Configuration of the BMC Client Gateway is fulfilled as a separate request.
    • Configure and test daily load jobs.


    This service requires that the customer's foundation data is successfully loaded for the integration to work. Any additional configuration/customization required to manipulate the data from the customer's directory source is considered a customization and is not covered under this service. Foundation data loading is performed as part of an onboarding services engagement and is not performed by BMC SaaS Operations. BMC Global Services or a trusted partner can be engaged to get foundation data loaded and/or to design and implement any customizations required for your people data integration.

    Customer participants

    Your project lead, directory services administrator, or source application administrator should participate in this process.

    Required documentation

    Customers must complete the BMC OnDemand People Data Integration Service template and submit it to the BMC OnDemand Service Desk (if you are prior to go-live, attach this template to the Request Something Else offering within the support portal; otherwise attach this template to the Request a Change offering). BMC will then validate the template and work with you if any required information is missing.

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    1.  BMC OnDemand People Data Integration Service template is not up to date as the Company field mapping information is wrong. Below is the current version provided to me by on of the RoD team member.