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To view the latest information for BMC Helix services and policies, go to BMC Helix Subscriber Information.

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This section describes operational and enhancement services included with your BMC OnDemand subscription. These services are referred to as Lifecycle Requests and may be requested at any time throughout your service term. They are provided based on each customer’s specific requirements. For example, you might want to brand your BMC Remedy OnDemand environment with your company logo, while other customers might not.        

Your needs and requirements determine which services are required in preparation for the onboarding phase. To expedite the time to value, it is customary for you to provision only those lifecycle requests that are required for initial production readiness and request others later, after onboarding. 

Lifecycle Requests may be requested by submitting a request using the BMC OnDemand Support portal. See the Request process for details. General requests are used for items that do not fit into the selections in the following list. These requests might be general questions about the service, policies, monitoring rules, and so on. 

Lifecycle Requests include the following:

Each link will guide you in collecting the information required for submission of your Lifecycle Requests.