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    The inbound/outbound email integration service enables customers to open tickets in their BMC Remedy ITSM environment via email and to receive notification emails for events such as ticket creation, updates, and so on. 


    The following table describes when you might use a change email configuration request. You can choose to select these services during your initial onboarding project or at a later date as a Lifecycle Request.

    Requestable offering typeWhen to use this offering typeNeed template for new or updated requests?
    RoD Change Email Configuration RequestUse this request when you want more email configuration options than are included with activation.Yes

    The following items describe normal activation activities:

    • Configure inbound and outbound email functionality:
      • Outbound—Configure outbound email for standard notifications via BMC servers.
      • Inbound—Configure one mailbox on the customer's BMC Remedy ITSM environment via BMC servers. (Although inbound-rules configuration is not part of the scope, it can be provided through consulting services.)
    • Customer or customer partner involvement—Mandatory for configuration and validation

    Use of either of the following items is an exception and must be approved by BMC Remedy OnDemand Service Management:

    • Certificates
    • Customer inbound servers

    Customer participants

    Your Email Administrator and Project Lead should participate in the process of integrating inbound and outbound email.

    Required documentation

    Customers must complete the BMC SaaS Inbound-Outbound Email Integration Service template and submit it to BMC Customer Support. BMC validates the template and works with customers to ensure that they have completed it correctly.

    See Planning email integration with BMC Remedy OnDemand for a description of the available options.