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This topic describes how service requests are different from changes requests. It contains the following information:

Service requests definition

A service request, or work order, is a change to a service or a request for an operational task. Requests for change (RFCs) are not required to implement service requests.

Service requests typically have the following characteristics:

  • Approval is automatically granted by the delegated authority.
  • The tasks are well known, documented, and proven.
  • Authority is effectively given in advance for the change.
  • The request is included as part of the service offering.
  • The risk is usually low and well understood.

Change requests definition

A change request requires authorization by the Change Advisory Board (CAB). A change request might involve a significant change to the service or infrastructure, or it might carry a high degree of risk. It may also be submitted by BMC SaaS Operations, for example infrastructure changes, or by the customer, for example a request to promote code from one environment to another. RFCs are required to implement change requests. To submit a RFC, use the Request a Change offering from the BMC OnDemand support portal.

Examples of service requests and change requests

The following table lists examples of service requests and change requests:

Examples of service requests made to BMCCustomer administrator tasks (require no BMC SaaS Operations involvement)Change request examples
  • Modify text for available fields in SYS:Notification Messages
  • Configure pager service
  • Enable or disable client or server-side logging
  • Enable or disable mailbox configuration
  • Enable or disable entitled application services
  • Request a Lifecycle Request
  • Data configuration items such as:
    • Add, modify, or revoke user licenses
    • Add, modify, or delete users in support groups
    • Add, modify, or delete support users
    • Add, modify, or disable support groups
    • Add categorization data (operational, product, and resolution)
    • Change assignments
    • Change service level agreement (SLA) configuration
    • Create or modify a company
    • Create an organization or department
    • Create or modify sites
    • Create a region or site group
    • Edit or delete a support group
    • Edit or delete a product catalog
    • Edit or delete a model or version
  • Manage DSL
  • Configure BMC Atrium CMDB Normalization Engine rules
  • Configure BMC Atrium CMDB Reconciliation Engine rules
  • Create BMC Remedy Action Request System (BMC Remedy AR System) reports or web reports
  • Schedule BMC Remedy AR System reports or web reports
  • Change architecture
  • Apply of SSL certificates
  • Migrate bulk data from one environment to another
  • Migrate code from one environment to another
  • Customize applications
  • Apply hot fixes (OS, application, database)
  • Change infrastructure
  • Commision or decomission storage
  • Apply patches or upgrade (OS, application, database)
  • Configure Reconciliation Engine rules
  • Change security or network policies
  • Change server level configuration
  • Deprovision or provision VMs
  • Migrate service request definitions (SRDs)
  • Migrate service level targets (SLTs) 
  • Configure BMC Atrium Integration transformation and jobs

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