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    Auditing entails both preproduction and postproduction tasks.

    This topic includes the following information: 

    Go-live assessment

    Preproduction auditing involves an extensive go-live assessment of the Production environment before the customer's production cutover. Any change made to a default Remedy system parameter during onboarding must be documented in a Request for Change (RFC) document for both QA and Production environment promotion requests. The BMC Remedy OnDemand Operations team allows some flexibility with adjusting system parameters but reserves the right to keep them within reasonable values or value ranges. The threshold values allowed for each parameter are assessed and mitigated where necessary.

    The go-live assessment is performed by the BMC Remedy OnDemand Operations team after the system is promoted to the production environment but before the go-live event. The onboarding Project Manager must request the audit by submitting a Service Request at least two weeks before the scheduled go-live date. Seven business days should be blocked to allow for any remediation required as a result of the audit and must be accounted for in the onboarding project timeline. 

    Audit logs

    The BMC Remedy OnDemand service provides the following information:

    OS Security logs
    • Six months online
    • One month offline
    Application logsThree years in application

    Application audit logs are made available to customers upon request.