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    This topic provides the following information about additional BMC Remedy OnDemand options:

    BMC Remedy OnDemand additional storage option

    The BMC Remedy OnDemand additional storage option provides 50 GB of additional storage in the production database. Your BMC Remedy OnDemand core subscription already includes 50 GB of storage in production for every 100 subscription users, which is sufficient for most implementations. However, if you have large attachments, more than two years of data, and so on, you can use this option to increase the size of the supported data.

    BMC Remedy OnDemand additional integration option

    Remedy OnDemand provides robust support for integrations to BMC and third party services in hybrid environments.

    A subscription to BMC Remedy OnDemand includes support for the following integrations:

    • 1 BMC Client Gateway connection, if required
    • 1 authentication source, if required
    • 1 email system, if required
    • 1 ODBC account, if required
    • 1 event management source (enablement extra), if required
    • 1 discovery source (enablement extra), if required

    Additionally, your subscription includes support for published interfaces (for example, web services and BMC Remedy AR System APIs), as long as the integration does not require additional infrastructure. See Integrations for a comprehensive list of supported integration mechanisms.

    The BMC Remedy OnDemand additional integration option provides for the support of an additional integration to the BMC Remedy OnDemand solution. Use this option when there is:

    • Implication for a supported component, such as an additional gateway connection
    • Any impact on the service, such as performance
    • Additional email systems required (each Additional Integration purchased entitles you to one additional email system)
    • Additional ODBC accounts required (each Additional Integration purchased entitles you to up to five additional ODBC accounts)

    For example, an integration that uses a published web service that does not affect the performance of the system generally will not require this option. However, if an integration causes performance issues, you might be required to purchase the BMC Remedy OnDemand additional integration option.


    Customers remain solely responsible for the development, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of the integration itself. This work may be performed by BMC Global Services or a trusted partner under a separate contract.

    BMC Remedy OnDemand additional environment option

    The additional environment option provides an additional environment for your OnDemand service, such as a training environment. Extra environments are available for an additional monthly subscription fee.

    Your BMC Remedy OnDemand core subscription includes three environments — development, QA, and production, as shown in the following figure.

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