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    This space contains information about the BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.3 suite, which includes the following component products:


    This space contains only suite-level information and does not contain any integrated use cases. For product-specific information, see the product spaces.

    Featured content

    This space focuses on information about the installation and upgrade of products in the BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.3 suite. It also provides high-level overviews for the supported integrations. For detailed information about the integrations, see the online documentation of the suite's component products. To learn about the new features in this release, see What's new.

    Where to start

    For information about installing the BMC Release Lifecycle Management 4.3 suite products, see Installing.

    For information about upgrading or migrating, see Upgrading or migrating.

    For information about the supported integrations, see Integrating.

    About BMC Release Lifecycle Management

    The BMC Release Lifecycle Management suite of applications helps you to manage software release planning, coordination, application packaging, and deployment automation. BMC Release Lifecycle Management addresses the challenges of the software release process by enabling all active participants, such as release managers, coordinators, deployers, and administrators, to perform their tasks in a coordinated fashion across multiple releases, environments, and teams. For information about the benefits of using BMC Release Lifecycle Management, see Business value.





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