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The SLO Management Console provides an integrated view of all SLOs. SLO views complement existing infrastructure-centric application management solutions. SLO business views help define, measure, and track SLOs. With new business views, business structures are available in a top-down hierarchical view that delivers near real-time service level views of application and service metrics. This view provides valuable information about performance status from an end users' perspective for each business unit and SLO compliance.

SLO views also represent application performance levels and service levels committed to within the organization. The views represent application performance metrics in a way that relates the IT and line of business teams as a close working unit on which the company depends.

Predefined and custom-defined indicators (SLO types, grouping of required attributes and metrics) present a relational view of objectives and the actual status of SLO compliance. Service level view enables you to take a proactive approach to meeting SLOs. Seamless integration with Violation Summary and Probable Cause Analysis within SLO views help extend the IT capability to troubleshoot and pinpoint issues quickly as SLO violations occur.

BMC ProactiveNet computes SLO compliance at the end of each day. For example, computation of compliance for September 8, 2013 is available only on September 9, 2013. For more information, see To recalculate an SLO.

The following table presents the default tabs that are available in the SLO Management Console and additional tabs that you can define, and discusses their functions.

Navigation tabs in the SLO Management Console 

Navigation tab


Further information

Current Status

Provides the latest view of the performance of various SLOs configured in the system

Viewing the current status of SLOs


Provides a hierarchical tree presentation of SLOs for a user-defined time duration

Viewing SLOs in a hierarchical tree

SLO Administration

Provides various options for the administration of SLOs in BMC ProactiveNet

Managing SLOs

Compliance Matrix

Summarizes details for all top-level SLOs created in the system

Viewing SLO compliance details and history

Also, you can add the following pages as tabs:


Enables you to view the reports for an individual SLO

Viewing a graphical history of SLO compliance and violations

Violation Details

Enables you to view the details of SLO violations

Viewing violation details for an SLO

Watch List

Displays SLO records with computed delta values (difference between the compliance objective and its value for the time unit)

Comparing compliance objectives with actual results

Also, there is a provision to select a Dashboard View from Options in the SLO Mgmt Console.