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The details API uses the GET method to retrieve the details of a CI. You must provide authentication credentials by using the login API before accessing the data. For information about the authentication process, see Web services authentication.

URL to access the details API

The generic format of a URL for the details API is as follows:







Type of protocol to send the request. BMC ProactiveNet web services support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.


Host name of the BMC ProactiveNet Server


Port number through which communication is established. The default port number is 80 if you use the HTTP protocol and 443 if you use the HTTPS protocol.


Identifier of the CI for which the details are retrieved. The details API searches for an exact match of the specified identifier. The supported identifier is CI_ID or RECON_ID.

queryParam1, queryParam2, queryParamn

Additional parameters that you want to provide in the request

Available query parameters (optional)


Type of identifier based on which the search must be run. All the specified identifier type values are searched for the identifier value provided in the id parameter. The supported identifier type is CI_ID or RECON_ID.


where, test is the identifier of the CI, and idType=CI_ID indicates the identifier type. The default value is CI_ID.


Retrieves only the specified slot details. If this parameter is not specified, the complete details of the CI is retrieved.

filter=status, domain

The search retrieves only the status and domain details of the CI.

JSON response to the details API

A sample JSON response is as follows:

      "response": {
            "id": "bppmwsserver_1",
            "className": "BMC_ComputerSystem",
            "hasProviders": false,
            "hasConsumers": false,
            "attributeMap": {
                  "PNReadAcl": "[]",
                  "WriteSecurity": "[Full Access]",
                  "VirtualSystemType": "Other",
                  "impact_sla_rollup_status": "NO_SLAS",
                  "DATABASE_event_max_sev": "OK",
                  "NETWORK_event_max_sev": "OK",
                  "PriorityWatchdog": "NO",
                  "self_status": "OK",
                  "UsingOrganization": "",
                  "SelfPriorityFunction": "BASE_PRIORITY",
                  "USER_TRANSACTIONS_event_max_sev": "OK",
                  "Priority": "PRIORITY_5",
                  "ReadSecurity": "[Full Access]",
                  "PrimaryCapability": "Server",
                  "PriorityOut": "PRIORITY_5",
                  "CLASS": "BMC_ComputerSystem",
                  "status": "OK",
                  "self_priority": "PRIORITY_5",
                  "HostName": "bppmwsserver",
                  "manual_status": "NONE",
                  "manual_status_providers_count": "0",
                  "computed_priority": "PRIORITY_5",
                  "consolidate_function": "HIGHEST_VAL",
                  "sla_rollup_status": "NO_SLAS",
                  "TokenId": "0",
                  "impact_status": "NONE",
                  "impact_priority": "PRIORITY_5",
                  "sub_status": "NONE",
                  "UsingOrganizationId": "-1",
                  "OTHER_event_max_sev": "OK",
                  "isVirtual": "No",
                  "any_event_max_sev": "OK",
                  "Name": "",
                  "mc_udid": "bppmwsserver_1",
                  "mc_modification_time": "1313131741",
                  "ComponentAliases": "[]"
            "hostUri": null
      "search": "bppmwsserver_1",
      "statusCode": "200",
      "statusMsg": "OK",
      "responseTimeStamp": "2011-08-19T01:09:30"