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All of the event sources in the BMC ProactiveNet system can generate thousands of events. You can choose whether to view all of those events as they occur. You can configure refresh of the event list to occur automatically or manually, and even if you use the automatic refresh, you can manually refresh at any time to be sure that you have the most recent data. When you manually refresh the event list, the BMC ProactiveNet Server is queried for any changes in events. The console updates the event list if changes are present.


On the Internet browser, the F5 and Refresh buttons are not supported. Also, on some UI screens, the Back, Forward, and Close buttons are also not supported.

To automatically refresh the event list

  1. From the navigation bar, click Preferences .


  2. In the Event List Preferences dialog box, select Auto-Refresh.

    If Auto-Refresh is not enabled and an event is modified externally from the console, the event is not updated until you manually refresh the event list by clicking Refresh in the navigation bar.


    If the BMC ProactiveNet Server is extremely busy, the event list might not be refreshed until the BMC ProactiveNet Server completes the current event-processing load.

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