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Use the Recalculate SLO option to:

  • Remove or add data collected during specific periods to SLOs 
  • Calculate SLO values anew for multiple SLOs


  • SLO violation details are not regenerated after SLO recalculation. 
  • When you recalculate a parent SLO, all its child SLOs are also recalculated. Similarly, if a child SLO is recalculated, its compliance values are reflected in the parent SLO also.
  • If you change the pronet.businessview.firstdayofweek entry to begin the week on any other day (by default, Sunday is the first day of the week), do not recalculate SLOs for the week, starting from the day when you changed the entry.

To delete a time range

  1. In the SLO Recalculation screen, select the time range that you want to delete.
  2. Click Delete.


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