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Monitoring solutions consist of one or more knowledge modules (KMs). KMs are customized objects that typically manage and monitor elements of your IT environment. A KM is a set of instructions that BMC PATROL Agent uses to monitor objects in your environment. BMC ProactiveNet provides an extensive set of out-of the-box knowledge modules that collect performance data from applications, databases, servers, hypervisors, cloud components, middleware, hardware, and storage.

Monitoring solutions are provided in the BMC ProactiveNet Central Monitoring Repository, which is installed when you install BMC ProactiveNet Server with Central Monitoring Administration.

You can extend the monitoring solutions provided by BMC. You also can write your own custom monitoring solutions. For a list of monitoring solutions provided by BMC that you can configure using Central Monitoring Administration, see List of Monitoring Solutions and KMs in BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management. For specific information about available monitoring solutions and their capabilities, see the getting started guides and user guides for each monitoring solution.