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Through the Views tab you can create, edit, or delete any number of views. View settings that are configured when creating or editing a view differ for different types of views.
Views can also be created by using View templates. For more information see Managing view templates

The following table lists the icons available on the View screen:

To create or edit a graph-based view

  1. In the View Display screen, click Add View.
  2. In the Add View screen, provide the necessary information to create a view and add a graph to the view as described in the following table:


    The Operations Console does not support special characters such as \, ', ", \, <, and > in the view name. Any view name containing special characters is displayed in hexadecimal format in the Operations Console.

    Inputs for the Graph-based Add View screen


    Add View
    View TitleSpecifies the view name
    View Type aIndicates the type of view; select Graph Based to create a graph-based view
    Layout Type

    Sets the preferences of the thumbnail. The layout type can be one of the following:

    • Four columns: Displays a small size view, with fewer options
    • Two columns: Displays a medium size view, with all options
    • One column: Displays a large size view, with all options 

    Sets the update frequency of the view as follows:

    • Daily
    • Hourly
    • Manually 
    Update the View for everyxx minutesUpdates the view for a time specified in minutes
    Show View details at top of the pageDisplays the details in the View screen. By default, the details are not displayed. You can toggle the display of view details using theShow/Hide View icon.
    View Create Option

    Indicates how the view is created:

    • Manual: Creates a view manually
    • Template: Enables selection and application of a View template to a view 
    Graphs in View
    Add GraphAdds a graph to the view. For detailed instructions, see Creating custom graphs.
    1. You cannot configure the view type when editing an existing view.


    Specify a name for the graph.

  3. Click Add to View.
  4. Click Finish.


     To edit an existing view, click Edit View on the View screen and follow the steps listed in To create or edit a graph-based view.